Tuesday, January 27, 2015

   So I was in the male latrine showering after physical training. I don’t know if it was because the pollen count was extremely high or because someone somewhere was cutting the grass on post but the very air I breathe was trying to assassinate me. I sneezed, and someone who was also in the latrine over in the area of the toilets said “bless you”. I responded with the customary and courteous “thank you”, followed by an immediate volley of three more sneezes. “You only get one blessing” said the voice from the toilets.  I chuckled, taking it as the lighthearted jibe that it was. There was a pause and I glanced out of the crack of the door between the shower area and the rest of the latrine and I could see the soldier had paused mid way to washing his hands. After his momentary pause he went on to wash his hands and said, “You know that’s not true. The blessings of the lord are constant and beyond our imagining.” “Amen” I replied. Without another word the unknown soldier dried his hands and walked out of the latrine. Now what he did was a blatant violation of Army policy with regards to Equal Opportunity. He didn’t know what my religion was or if I was an atheist. There is a real possibility that he could have gotten in trouble for his comment.
   I have been hearing a lot of talk recently in Messianic circles about what it really takes to be “saved”, and what salvation really means. G-d spoke to me however in this quick exchange. Is it more important to argue the theological and doctrinal definitions of salvation, or the renewal of the heart by the Holy Spirit, or whatever flowery description you want to place on this change that is supposed to take place? Do we need to have some special knowledge in order to be saved (Gnosticism)? Is there some magical set of words you need to say with just the right mental intention that assures you a place in the world to come? I think first of all that this is not for us to judge in other people. Your salvation is for you to work out with fear and trembling before your G-d. Maybe it is more important to show the G-d that is in your heart to others, and that connection between you and your G-d can touch the heart of someone who needs a touch from the king of the universe. That small seed is the kind of thing G-d uses to make changes in the world.

As always, I could be completely wrong about this.

Be Blessed, and go study.

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